On February 15, 2014 the Fairy Godmother of Gallifrey One visited us.

My best friends ( www.gussssie.tumblr.com and www.desireboys.tumblr.com) and I were waiting in line to get into the Masquerade. Gussie made a comment like “Oh man, I wish I had one of those huge fourth doctor scarves!” and the lady in front of us pulled three scarves out of her bag and just GAVE THEM TO US…HAND KNIT AND FULL SIZE TOM BAKER SCARVES…FREE.

And mine wasn’t quite finished yet (it didn’t have the tassels) so she proceeded to give me the matching yarn and crochet needles to finish it! She even taught me how to do it! 

we got 3 free, hand knit amazing and beautiful scarves from this wonderful mystery lady who wanted no recognition.

In my three years of going to Gallifrey One, I have never been so proud to be a whovian.